Sex on the first date

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Females withhold sex from beta providers to make an impression that she's innocent.

I have asked thousands of women in detail what they "look" for in a guy. Deeper into the conversation, 99% of women will ask you to specify whether I'm talking about the long term or the short term. They ALL confirm that personsality means next to nothing for a ons. Whereas personality means alot for ltrs. "He might get my attention for a short while, but if he's a douche he wont get my heart". Women say that as if men should accept this incredibly unfair deal. We're supposed to ignore the fact that out girlfriend dropped her panties with no resistance, on the same night of meeting a guy. It's the same online. Do some searches, women have two different views, unfortunately only one of them is sexual lust. Coming to terms with this fact is why I've checked out of this game. I'm not becoming a cuckold.[1]

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