Nicholas Chowdburry

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Nicholas Chowdburry
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Name: Nicholas Chowdburry
Date of Birth: April 13th 1997
Occupation: Software Developer
Ethnicity: ?

Nicholas Chadburry is a gymcel from a small hick town. A software developer and self-described nerd. He admins Incelistan.

Rejections[edit | edit source]

Nicholas was refunded by a matchmaker after no one picked him. He has been universally rejected IRL. He claims that his town is too small for online dating.

Hook-up[edit | edit source]

He lost his virginity to a female member of Incelistan. He flew to her in Canada for a short time. They did not however become a couple but they appear to remain friends.

Interview[edit | edit source]

Nicholas appeared in this video interview with the Fermenting Perspectives podcast on incels in early 2018 [1]

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