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NEETAndTidy is a former user. And one of it's most active users of all time.

Personal Life[edit]

NEETAndTidy is a fatcel welfare recipient. (this section needs work) He claims to be autistic and is clearly a weeb, so that checks the fuck out.

He looks kind of like a fat nerdy hipster. stream[edit]

During his time on the forum, NEETAndTidy ran a stream three times a week.[1][2][3] Sometimes he is too drunk or depressed to do the stream, though. A great deal of drama ensued after SoCalSuifuel critiqued Death Note and got kicked from the stream.[4]

The Fall Of NEETAndTidy[edit]

On June 11, 2019, it was revealed that NEETAndTidy was in a relationship with a transgender woman. This was found out after he had revealed a comment he made on Facebook which users traced back to his profile, from which his girlfriend was discovered commenting on his pictures. He was banned the following day. This came as a massive shock to the community, who had respected and revered him for a long time and viewed him as a truecel. He quickly became the subject of many memes and jokes on the forum as he had previously advocated against dating transgender people.


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