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Matt Cross is a Pick Up Artist who peddles two products, the 33 Secrets to Dating Beautiful Women and the 44 Secrets to Becoming a Real Alpha Male. The former is geared toward dating, the latter toward lifestyle.

Marketing Strategy[edit | edit source]

Matt Cross mainly markets with his Youtube channel and his ostensibly free Youtube training videos. He has an email list and from his Youtube channel he gives legit to totally BS advice, urging his subscribers to sign up as early a possible before "we run out of spaces," ignoring the fact that email lists have an unlimited amount of space. He then claims to release both his products a few times during the year. When they are released he claims that they have 2000 dollar value but are on sale for 600 dollars. He will later on occasion lower the price from 47 dollars to 600 dollars. People also claim that he is using paid models.

Teachings[edit | edit source]

He started out on his older channel, the Anti Pickup Artist, bashing PUA. Now he promotes traditional PUA cold approaches, with women. There is occasional evidence that he has successfully made out with them. There is never any proof that he successfully had sex with them. It is highly suspected that he is using paid models. He uses the typical jargon of PUA such as Cold Approach and Alpha Male. [1]

This is where it gets weird. He advocates something called "Chair Game." This the notion that one can become alpha or atleast be on the way there by simply improving or changing their seating position. Chair Game though not explicitly called that, is touted as if it can make up for poor LMS. Another thing he advocates is avoiding what he calls a Beta Male Staredown. He describes it as when two guys lock eyes and the person that looks away first loses. Matt Cross advocates looking away and going home to masturbate to one's Inner Core. [2]

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