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Unfortunately, even this wiki has it's own lingo separate from other places. In our everending quest for transparency, here is what it is:

  • alt: altmark22, a wiki editor and transhumanist. current admin and editor of and one of the creators of the Scientific Blackpill
  • ee: Eastern Europe
  • alex: Referring to Alex Undersky
  • AMS: Analyzing Male Slavery, an angry, anti-tradcon, MRA, pseudo-MGTOW who leads an astroturfing activist group, and mostly campaigns against circumcision and getting radfem subs shut down
  • Druss: A former moderator of our public chat room
  • mikey: The government name of a former editor who now goes by Aramar Jadavra
  • RW:
  • Lorsss: A lookmax mod and incelwiki editor
  • James: James FT, a vlogger
  • Jet: A graphic designer, youtuber, and wiki editor
  • Jolly Heretic: An alt-right, tradcon, evopsych guy whose videos are quite popular among self-identified incels
  • JP: Jordan Peterson, an evopsych, Jungian-psychology celebrity
  • Lorsss: A mod and incelwiki editor
  • prescriptivism: Trying to spur action on anything, something discouraged on the wiki
  • Vox: Vox Day a blogger, 'Christian Nationalist', and anti-SJW
  • .co:
  • Incelistan:, a defunct forum
  • bib: short for bibipi, writer with an interest in HBD and evo-psych, one of the authors of the Scientific Blackpill
  • SB: The scientific blackpill page, a collection of mostly peer reviewed research relating to common manosphere assertions and talking points. It was created by RageAgainsttheTDL for a now defunct link on a forum, though he also expressed his desire for people to copy the studies piecemeal and disseminate them broadly for popular consumption.