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Florellegate was the incident that led to the shutdown of Weebs.fun, Blackpill.is, JBpill.is, and RGIF.is, and the severing of several friendships among incelosphere leaders.

Events[edit | edit source]

Circa late May 2019, a self-described subby 18-year-old U.K. virginal confirmed femoid, Florelle, arrived at RGIF and Blackpill, having been attracted to the sites by her interest in rape fantasies and BDSM. Due to her persona of childishly ultra-feminine cuteness and vulnerability, as well as her youth and stated virginity, she attracted a great deal of interest from the membership of the sites.

About a week into her tenure, bruce1, a longtime friend and member of Leucosticte's inner circle, told him that he was behaving in an indisputably bluepilled way by seeking marriage with Florelle and then suffering emotional pain when he was rejected. Leucosticte responded that his reason for bringing up marriage was because of the fact that international relationships require marriage for the couple to have any future. He also said that he was aware that the odds might not be in his favor, but that he had had success in the past bringing up marriage early; so he did not regard himself as bluepilled. bruce1 continued to say that he found Leucosticte's pining over Florelle disgusting.

Swordstick, after publicly proclaiming his love for Florelle, was also apparently rejected by her, and he ended up raging against her in public posts, which prompted an appeal by her for help and protection. This led to Swordstick being told by RegisterUserName, an admin of the site, via PM that he was banned from femoid containment. Leucosticte's allowing or encouraging this to happen was viewed as evidence that he was altering the rules to cater to femoids at the expense of the integrity of the site as a place of male dominance, where men's interests are put first. Swordstick's ban from femoid containment was effectively lifted after the immediate crisis of Florelle's wanting or offering to leave the site was over, but Swordstick left anyway, rendering the issue moot.

As it seemed, from some of Florelle's communications, that she was coming to regard Reggie as her owner, Leucosticte proposed that a designation of "leashed" femoid be introduced, for femoids who were the property of a particular man. Reggie applied this badge to Florelle, much to the consternation of GameDevCel and others who felt that the admins were unfairly hoarding the femoids to themselves. A few days later, Leucosticte removed the badge, saying that Reggie had not adequately proven his effective dominion over and exclusive use of Florelle by getting her to more publicly announce her status as his property, and give him, e.g., some IRL tokens of culinary submission (making him a sandwich) and physical affection or sexual submission (e.g. helping him ascend from being a KHHV). Leu also pointed out that foids' willingness to make statements of being under a particular man's ownership can also vary depending on their interest level in the man they're talking to. However, the resentment over this incident and the damage to morale that it caused, and perceptions of Leu as cucked, continued.

Leucosticte did not feel he was in a position to ban bruce1 due to some outside factors not pertaining directly to the site, but on the other hand perceived that he was going to continue to attract criticism as long as the situation went on, so he closed down all of the sites on 30 June 2019. Reggie critiqued Leu as having made this decision in a fit of pique at Florelle, and accused him of having become obsessed with her, while Leu attributed his decision mostly to demoralization stemming from the behavior of his friend bruce1, and a desire to deescalate the conflict between them; he said that Florelle had done nothing wrong, but that the presence of foids on the site without owners (e.g. the husband or father, who would take responsibility for the girl's behavior, offer her protection, and help ensure she was put to the proper use, e.g. in the case of the father by transferring her to the ownership of a suitable husband) who had firm control over their femoid-property was inherently problematic and gave rise to conflicts that would've been nonexistent or non-issues in a more truly patriarchal order.