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Breegate was an incident that led to the banning of SuperCheatBros from

Events[edit | edit source]

On 5 April 2019, a user, VanityFairee, became active at, posting about her interest in vidya and weeb culture. She attracted much interest from the membership, and for awhile patiently endured hostility from certain members, attempting to explain herself and her motives, saying, e.g., "I only have Steam and Snapchat and that's about it. I have a hidden presence online and only add people on Steam if I played a good game with them. Nothing else. I definitely know people here are based enough to not be orbiters and I like that. I wouldn't mind getting put in my place" before finally beginning to attack back against those she saw as insulting and bullying her.

fukurou, an admin, created numerous threads such as "Vf and her dad" (whose content was, "Vf has filed for rape charges against her father. Her father says it was consensual and her 1465th cock") and "Brees day at work" (whose content was, "8 am drinks coffee 9 am on phone with chads 10 am asks orbiters for favores and shit 11am to 2pm online shopping for yoga pants 2.5pm goes home early to fuck pitbull dog." She responded by bantering back with comments like, "One of my orbiters denied me a steam gift card today, I told him to EAT SHIT AND DIE"

Jewish male sexualist Surreal began griefing her in a harsher way, and she commented in arguing with holes fashion, "I think he's angry @RegisterUserName received personalized nudes, I even wrote his name on my chest, so no one will ever receive these but him, and was made specifically for him, and to also prove my validity. I'm sorry you're angry you aren't special enough to receive your own personalized ones. Maybe you can get a ethot to do it, but remember you gotta pay, because who would do it for you for free?"

Eventually she resorted to the same tactic with fukurou, in a thread where he had bragged about his skills in, among other things, "Blood splatter pattern analysys," "Of course you would know analysys, you seem like the type to take it in the ass, kinda like that Jewish Tranny on here, like it probably does on a daily basis. No one cares what you do, you probably can't even do 90% of the stuff you listed, you sound like you are just coping, I would too, if I was a low IQ subhuman like you who has to pay for people to fuck you while I can get it at a press of a button for nothing. I will also get free stuff, trips, and food from thirsty cucks while I fuck top tier Chads on the weekends. . . . . Don't really care, at least I don't have to pay people to have sex with me, you have to, so you're a subhuman cuck who no one will ever love truly. Cool, I got 5 houses, 10 destination trips coming up this year, and 10million in Bitcoin. Enjoy your whore aids while I fuck clean, hot Chads on a daily basis."

For such comments, she was banned by SuperCheatBros; she defended herself by saying, "fukurou initiated insulting and bullying threads directed towards me, yet when I defend myself, I'm getting warned. You're a joke of an admin, including fukurou. No wonder you both both got banned from .co. You're not even wanted by your own people." However, the ban was allowed to stand until finally Leucosticte decided SuperCheatBros had justified his ban decision in a purposefully misleading way so as to manipulate, and de-adminned and banned him. Due to popular requests for an unban, and's general policy of unbanning everyone eventually, SuperCheatBros was unbanned on 30 June 2019, but that same day the site was closed down due to Florellegate.