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A blackpiller is someone who believes in the blackpill. One of the most notable blackpillers in academia is Catherine Hakim.

Overview[edit | edit source]

More specfically, blackpillers usually believe that the evolutionary psychology and biological determinism instincts inherent in non-human mammals also applies to humans. Blackpillers believe that among humans, this can be more adequately and appropriately explained through hypergamous theories such as strategic pluralism. The tremendous growth in the number of blackpillers and blackpilled thought can in part be explained by the prevalence in MSM and society of bluepilled pontification, since it does not account for otherwise inexplicable phenomena such as the halo effect, hybristophilia or cacophobia.

Blackpillers are not necessarily visitors of the manosphere or incelosphere. SubsaharanAmerican, the founder of one fo the largest forums on black pill philosophy, defined "black pill" as follows:

the idea that mate preferences in WEIRD societies are primarily guided by lookism, tribalism and, for heterosexual women, heightism. This is generally paired with the recognition that, for some individuals, the relationship between the amount of goal-directed effort expended in order to attract and court preferred mates (either by oft-touted self-help methods or by "one weird trick" courtship techniques) and one's success rate may be so poorly correlated that, for these individuals, such narrowly targeted effort is naive at best.[1]

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