Arya Davood Khanalizadeh

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Arya Davood Khanalizadeh[edit | edit source]

Arya Davood Khanalizadeh is a youtuber who makes several accounts with the handles : fakevamp, topvamp, Vamperial Abyss, Apocalypse The Destroyer Lying About Being Raped, Variations of pattyh golden girls. Arya has created more than fifty accounts to troll various youtubers like Incel Steve Hoca.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Arya spends hours making low effort videos daily saying that there are demons out to get disguised as old woman and everyone in every porn video he has watched. He has stated before that he cannot find a female and is probably incel. Arya makes videos with titles showing his extreme hate of women. One example is his channel (Apocalypse The Destroyer Lying About Being Raped). When he's not making threatening hate videos he has been known to be a drug user and has been caught on camera by other youtubers. Mag truth live (youtuber), dissects one of his videos. [1]

Arya does not know why his channels get so low views.

Mental Illness[edit | edit source]

Arya is highly paranoid and threatens other youtubers constantly thinking he is in some kind of demon war.

Criminal History[edit | edit source]

Arya has a history in Florida as shown here: [2]