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Vintologi is the bible of the religion, Vintologi, as promulgated by its creator, the user, Vintologi. It is currently in its 17th edition, which was purposefully cut back or expanded as needed to reach exactly 88 pages. Although some call it a manifesto, due to its containing calls to action, Vintologi regards it as a bible.

Works plagiarized in Vintologi

Although Vintologi has numerous external links, it often borrows large or small segments of text without attribution.

Pages Work Author
1-2 Ragnar Redbeard Might is Right[1]
16 Wikipedia Polycentric law[2]
16 Hans-Hermann Hoppe Democracy: The God That Failed[3]


FeminismIsCancer has taken issue with the epistemology of several Vintological assertions, noting that "consciousness has no first beginning or final end" and "there is only one universe" are untestable hypotheses. Also, with regard to "free will ≡ quantum indeterminism" he says, "There's actually some evidence from MRI scans that free will is an illusion" and sums up Vintologi by saying, "It's all a rehash of new age quantum woo."