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In early 2019, [[]] was created as a response to technical downtime for [[Facebook's Incelistan]].
In 2019, the largest [[anti-incel]] group: Found the Incel, was banned from the internet by [[Facebook]] for violent speech after an outing of sample posts on Youtube by [[William]] and courageous flagging by [[Master]] and others.<ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref>
That year, the Washington Post and other outlets released articles detailing how [[demographics of inceldom|rates of celibacy]] among men between ages 18-30 was approaching 30% per year (an all time high), validating the intuition of many incel forums, and ending some of the [[gaslighting]] directed at incels<ref></ref>. This became one of the largest topics of discussion across the entire incelosphere.


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