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Masculinism or masculism is a synonym of androcentrism, but not an antonym of feminism in common usage. It is the stance that society should order itself around male gender traits (such as: stoicism, honesty, chivalry, strength, courage, violence, and assertiveness). Feminism sees itself as a political movement. Whereas masculinism in the West today is a philosophy instead of a singular political movement and is confined to lower level societal institutions (such as: war, sport, gangs, gamergate, kekistan, the proud boys etc). Notable masculinists include Gavin McInnes.

Masculinism vs. MRAEdit

Not all MRAs are masculinists. Some favor a world centered around feminine gender traits or they do not believe in gendered prescriptions for the world.

Masculinism vs. male supremacyEdit

Male supremacists hold that men are naturally superior to women in the morality of their natural behaviour, contemporary behaviour and/or societal worth. Therefore masculinism is prescriptive whereas male supremacy is an attempt at being descriptive.

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