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This wiki aims to be a repository of information regarding the manosphere at large, particularly incels. The wiki does not endorse, agree, nor disagree with any information added by users. Mods of this site endeavor to monitor & appropriately deal with any material which breaks the rules but are not able to be online all the time. As such, information added is the responsibility of the user, adding it in with accordance to the law. Incel Wiki takes no responsibility for any actions whatsoever of users. Incel Wiki is not incels.co, both sites have different rules and moderators.  Incel Wiki does not support or condone violence and is against the incitement of violence.
This is a ''satirical'' site, do not take the content seriously.  Take this website as fiction, not fact.  The advice given here is not good mental health nor physical health advice.
Do not post content violating US/international law, create a page about someone under 18, post calls to violence, or create a page about yourself.
If you are feeling suicidal, please call the Samaritan's Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-877-870-4673. If you need a professional's help, please seek it.
There are no ads or crypto software running on this site.  No one is making money or profiting off the website or any pages on the site.  All images and text are used for commentary or satirical purposes.  The only things that look like ads on this site (the [[Monday FA Monday]] satire) are fake and sarcastic, they aren't actual ads and don't provide anyone or any site anything.
This website has no association with Intel or Wikipedia.  Satire is covered by Fair Use, and no one makes money off this site.

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Incel, is an academic sociological term that is short for and means, 'involuntary celibacy', a life circumstance. Individual philosophies like the original blackpill definition or subcultures like 4chan culture emerge on some, but not all, forums dedicated to involuntary celibates and go in and out of fashion. Inceldom was first academically recognized as a sociological phenomenon by the Donnelly Study. The Donnelly Study defined incels as all adults who want to have a willing sexual partner of the gender that they are attracted to, but cannot find one for six months or more. For the purposes of this wiki, an incel is someone who is or would be romantically and/or sexually rejected by the vast majority of the single members of the gender they are attracted to while approaching at random in spaces socially designated for dating, for at least a few years.

Roughly 28% of American men between the ages of 18-30 are involuntarily celibate. And roughly 51% of people in that general age group do not have a steady partner in the USA.

The current non-niche incel internet forums are: incels.co, Reddit's Braincels, Facebook's Incelistan, Incelistan.net, love-shy.com, Incelswithouthate, and Foreveralone. Some incel political parties include Incel Party.

No mass murderers have been users of incel forums. 4chan and PUAhate were/are not incel forums. Incel Wiki does not support or condone violence or the incitement of violence.

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