Laura Carpenter

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Name: Laura Carpenter
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: Sociologist
Ethnicity: White

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

Laura Carpenter is a sociologist who spoke sympathetically about incels in the lost pro-incel documentary: The Incel Project. The interview with her in the lost documentary is 13 minutes long. It is reasonably interesting even if somewhat disheartening at times. She talks about involuntary celibacy leading to more involuntary celibacy since the individual's self esteem is lowered the longer he or she lives with it, and possible partners being turned off by the seeming oddity of an older virgin.

She wrote Virginity Lost: An Intimate Portrait of First Sexual Experiences [1]. In 2002, she did research on male/female virginity and stigma.

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